R&B Cycles racing experience
goes back over thirty years.

It all started in Nashville Tennessee around 1974 with a 120 cubic inch shovel head motor that was huge for the era. We have held numerous records over the years, and won many races and several national championships. In the early years of our racing endeavors we were jokingly referred to as  THE TENNESSEE NITRO MAFIA because we won so many races, We would always say we were leaving Nashville to go make a hit.
Owner Red Rhea’s favorite saying is "I can show you better than I can tell you.”
R&B Cycles has had a lot of fast motorcycles throughout our history, most are still running the streets and tracks of the US today.
Over the years Red has developed a line of parts that are used in high performance engines, Mostly known and respected for his cylinder head work and rock solid crank shafts that He named the Thunder Crank .
If you love high performance motorcycles and or racing please feel free to contact us with all your high performance needs. We do it in the asphalt and the dirt, we will make a hit anywhere.

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